Challenge Your Body 2 Change Your Body
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Strengthen & Tone Your
Entire Body With
Our High Energy Workouts!
dumbell Burn Up To 500 Calories
dumbell Personal Training in a Group Atmosphere
dumbell All Classes Open To both Men & Women
Cardio Pumpin'
Goal: lose inches, burn fat and increase conditioning.
These fun action packed classes focus on strengthening your body
while keeping your heart rate up to burn calories and increase
cardiovascular conditioning. You will challenge yourself using
plyometrics, aerobic steps, tabata, turbo kick/punch and more...
Abs are included.
Body Pumpin'
Goal: lose inches, burn fat and gain strength
Great bodies aren't born, they are transformed! This class focuses
on low weight loads and high repetitions. You'll burn fat. calories
and gain strength to quickly produce that toned lean muscle look.
You will use a variety of equipment including barbells, bands and
dumbells.....Abs are included.
Burn Calories
Lose Inches
Make Friends
Have Fun
Hula Hoop!
Including the Hula Hooping in your
daily routine may help you burn
calories shed fat, tone your
muscles for a slim waist and
decrease LDL (bad) cholesterol
  • Lower Impact
  • Improves
    aerobic health
  • Burns Calories
  • Reduces fat
  • Lowers LDL
A high energy step class, great for
all fitness levels. It will increase your
endurance and tone your body.
The upbeat music will motivate and keep
you moving. The choreographed
routines are easy to follow. Some
classes will use bands and hand
weights for strength training.
Intense Dynamic and
FUN group class
workout to invigorate
the entire body with
special emphasis on
the CORE.
Coming October 3rd - November 9th
Mondays & Wednesdays: Latin Dance by Jackie - 7:10PM
Cardio - 5pm • Pump - 6pm • Hula Hoop - 7:10pm
Tuesdays & Thursdays: Pump - 5:15pm • Step - 6:30pm • Zumba - 7:20pm
Friday: Strength Cardio Mix - 8am Saturday: Pump - 8:45am • Zumba - 9:55am
Cardio/Pump Combo - $60/mo. or $10/drop in
Zumba - $45/mo. or $6/drop in
Hula Hoop - $50/mo. or $10/drop in
Step - $50/mo. or $10/drop in
Latin Dance by Jackie - 6 weeks for $50, or $10/week Drop in.
3 Yr Winner!
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6876 Pearl Road, Middleburg Heights
In the Goodwill strip
(Behind Firestone)
For More Information, contact
Sophia Porter, Owner
Ph: 216-410-7637